Vernon S. Brown

Vernon S. Brown is an independent podcaster, blogger, web guru, social media enthusiast, new media creator, emergency management specialist and retired U.S. Navy Chief based in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. A native of St. Louis, Vernon became interested in looking outside of his surroundings and wanting to venture on to new destinations. In 1993, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy Delayed Entry Program (DEP) and a year later went on to attend boot camp and various schools during his initial training process. In May of 1995 he reported to his first duty station located in beautiful Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Love for the islands and the feeling of being by the ocean quickly became the beginning of a deep connection with Hawaii and it's people. In 1998 after a 4 year tour of duty, he decided to leave the Navy and Hawaii, only to later return to both.

Remaining separated from the U.S. Navy for just a few short months, Vernon returned back to active duty in late 1998 and in November of that same year he reported to Norfolk, Virginia for his first assignment after re-enlisting. Following the completion of a two year tour of duty in Virginia in July of 2000, and after some time visiting family, he finally returned to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in September of 2000 for another adventure in paradise. Vernon officially retired from the U.S. Navy in October of 2016 after serving his fifth consecutive tour in Hawaii and his sixth tour in the area altogether. During his career of active duty service in the United States Navy, Vernon received an Associates Degree in Computer Science (ASCS) and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (BSBA) majoring in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from Hawaii Pacific University, an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) majoring in Criminal Justice (CJ) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) majoring in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (HSEP) from Thomas Edison State College and an MBA with a concentration in Information Technology Management (ITM) from American Military University. Currently he is pursuing a PhD and studying Japanese as a second language.

In his free time, Vernon runs a social media consulting and web development firm called Vebro Solutions, operates a modest Hawaii blog, mingles with those in the Hawaii Social Media and Emergency Management Professionals of Hawaii crowd, performs marriages (HRS ยง572-12) in the State of Hawaii, and still manages to get in his relaxing beach time.

Vernon is a reverent admirer of both American and Japanese history, Web 2.0+, new media, social media, international travel, and spicy foods. His favorite place to visit is Tokyo, Japan.

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